English Literature

Exam board: OCR
Guidance: Grade 5 in GCSE English. Applications will be considered on an individual basis in light of results data and teacher references.
Course Start Date: 09/2020
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

The study of literature requires students to be perceptive, analytical, empathetic and at the same time logical. The course should enhance the enjoyment you gain from reading and help broaden your ability to argue and philosophise and generally air your views. The study of language and form can lead to a better command of your own language and improve your communication skills.

Course units
If you take this subject at A Level, you will cover pre-1900 Poetry and Drama, as well as a Comparative and Contextual Study, before completing a coursework piece on post-1900 Literature. This may include an independent project centred around texts of your choosing. Who and what you study will in part be determined by your teacher but you will also have opportunities to choose texts for yourself. Students in the past have studied writers such as Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Emily Bronte and Angela Carter. If you enjoy contemplating love, life and the universe you’ll be in good company.


80% exam (two papers); 20% comparative/re-creative task

What can I go on to
Contrary to popular belief, not all students of English go on to be teachers and librarians: 30% and 9% respectively. The study of English develops oral and written communication skills and encourages creative thinking, all of which are highly valued in industry and in many other professions.

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